Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

CSI Programme

We are committed to developing communities
At Argon we are committed to bringing about long-term change through targeted community involvement.

Our initiatives provide financial support and skills-sharing
We believe we have a responsibility to contribute to the upliftment and development of communities in South Africa throught our corporate social investment (CSI) programme. We achieve this by being actively involved in local communities – both directly by sharing our skills and investing our time, and indirectly by providing financial support.

Although our various community involvement initiatives mostly take the form of short-  to medium-term projects, it’s important to us to ensure there is a significant, positive long-term impact. In fact, brightening the long-term prospects of the individuals in the communities where we get involved is how we ultimately measure the success of our CSI initiatives.

We focus on education as the great enabler
We believe that education is the most powerful tool to bring about meaningful, long-lasting change in any community. Our initiatives are therefore largely focused on empowering the youth through education.

Please send the CSI Team an email on for additional information.