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Equity Quarterly - Q2 2020

2020-07-22 | by Mpandekazi Maneli

The Macro Chart Book : June 2020

2020-06-26 | by Ruen Naidu, Krishna Sathee, Janine Pein, Hope Sono

While scientists around the world race against time to develop vaccines and treatments for Covid-19, we have all gathered lessons about the important interventions required to combat the effects of the virus. Once it became evident that pre-symptomatic transmission was possible, the Chinese led the way in deploying social distancing strategies as one of the primary non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Equity Quarterly - Q1 2020

2020-04-17 | by Dudu Tembo

The Macro Chart Book : March 2020

2020-03-31 | by Ruen Naidu, Krishna Sathee, Janine Pein, Hope Sono

At Argon Asset Managment, the first element of our philosophy is recognising that markets are complex, adaptive systems, and therefore prone to contagion. The second element is that markets and economies operate in cycles. Identifying where we are in a cycle is paramount to successful tactical portfolio construction. It is also critical to limiting losses at the end of a cycle. since it can take only a few weeks to destroy wealth built over years.