Who we are

Argon Asset Management (Pty) Ltd is an owner-managed investment management company. Since we started operating in April 2005, we have focussed on providing investment management services for institutional investors. We operate from offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Our offering is based on a:

  • thorough understanding of your needs;
  • fundamental research-driven investment process;
  • well considered and consistent risk management programme;
  • commitment to global standards and international best practice in our investment process and operations; and
  • team of talented and experienced professionals.

Our values drive all our decisions

  • Honesty
    We will be honest and transparent with you, our team and our business partners.
  • Integrity
    Integrity is about consistency. We believe that consistency of character, actions, methods, principles and expectations creates better outcomes.
  • Thoroughness
    We are conscientious and pay attention to every detail to fulfill our obligations to you.
  • Accountability
    We are committed to performing our duties with care and maintaining a consistent approach in both favourable and unfavourable markets.
  • Respect for ourselves and others
    Self-respect is not about what we do, but who we are. Respect provides us with a foundation for honesty and confidence. It also enables us to act with integrity.
  • Good ethics
    Ethics are about our conduct and character. Some people call character the collection of our daily habits, the things we do without thinking. But ethics are about making behavioural choices. At Argon, we consider the best course of action in each situation. We ask ourselves, "What is the right thing to do?" We are conscious that the way that we make these decisions individually and collectively as a company will determine both your success and our success.