Our team

Our business is based on intellectual capital. Our success is therefore very closely linked to the quality of our people. We pride ourselves on having built an experienced and quality team.

We recruit people that:

  • achieve academic excellence and industry experience;
  • earn the respect of their peers;
  • have excelled in different roles within the industry;
  • are self-starters;
  • focus on a healthy balance between their professional and family life,
  • are committed to improving their communities.

To align our interests with you we invest our money alongside yours. In this way, we succeed only when you succeed.

We incentivise team members with invitations to participate in equity ownership if they:

  • contribute meaningfully to strengthening the company;
  • build our culture; and
  • ensure your continued success as our client.

In this way, we aim to retain quality people and entrench a long-term approach to all our decision-making.